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One-Stop Shop for Local E-Commerce

From Exporting to Exhibiting and Promotion

You can easily sell your products in the fast-growing Indonesian e-commerce mall. We can handle everything from market research (competition, price), import/export, registration of items in the local language, review and inquiry management, and promotion.

Providing everything about expanding into Indonesia

Market Research /
Information Gathering

Online quantitative research is efficient because we distribute questionnaires from more than 1 million local members by specifying their attributes.

We can handle a variety of needs including quantitative research, qualitative research, street surveys, sampling, and B-to-B surveys

EC Listing Agency

Easy listing on the fast-growing Indonesian EC site. Our staff with extensive knowledge of the local EC market will manage your business.

One-stop service from import/export, registration of items in local language, management of reviews and inquiries, and promotion.


We work closely with local staff to plan measures, enabling promotions that resonate with local consumers.

We handle everything from planning to creative production in the local language, online/offline ad management, and PDCA (plan-do-check-act).

Sales channel development/sales representation

Staff from our local subsidiary in Indonesia will conduct sales activities for local companies on behalf of your company, whether in English, Japanese, or Indonesian.

Establishment of base/acquisition of permits and licenses

Our network of local experts can smoothly support complex procedures such as incorporation, opening a bank account, obtaining a visa (KITAS), and BPOM.
We also provide local employment agency services (EOR/GEO).

Job Offer

We efficiently introduce human resources that meet your needs through our unique method that utilizes our application members and local SNS.
Even your company that has already established a presence locally can discover human resources that are not available through conventional job advertisements or recruiting services.

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Why Indonesia?

After overcoming the Asian financial crisis of 1998, Indonesia has developed into a vibrant democracy with the largest and most dynamic economy among ASEAN countries. GDP has grown consistently at more than 5% annually, with domestic consumption accounting for about 60% of GDP.

Indonesia is the world's 15th largest economy by purchasing power parity (PPP) and the fourth largest in East Asia, after China, Japan, and South Korea. By 2030, Indonesia is expected to transform into the world's seventh largest economy.


Indonesia has the world's fourth largest population of 270 million people. It is a promising market full of young labor force with an average age of 29.

Economic Growth

GDP growth of 5% (pre-Corona level) and wage growth of 8% (Jakarta) have been healthy.

A Welcoming Country

Indonesian buyers tend to trust what is trending in the market, and therefore is very welcome to new products.

Clients and Partners


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