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PT. Fortuna Platina Indonesia (F-Plat Indonesia) is a digital promotion, market survey, and business consultation company. Our main product is Licorice, a market survey platform and advertisement that can be used for product design and development.

The application we develop can be used to solve your business problems. Every great client alliance starts with a strategy. When we partner with clients for full-service creative solutions, we devise a plan of attack to capture audience attention and ensure long-term success.



Licorice is a mobile promotion and data gathering application that we develop in Japan and Vietnam. We use high security standards that enable our users to fill out the survey and see the ads without fear of personal data leaks or misuse. Our clients will get real data from our highly diverse users.

Therapy Session

market survey


Local Data Gathering

We specialize in market surveys, where brands and business can listen directly to their customers or potential customer's needs. This is a menu where brands can get business insights to develop current and new products according to what the market want and need.


  • Easily know your own target market's needs.

  • Get to know the current trends in the market from direct respondents.

  • Competitor study with reasonable price



A business promotion service where we bring Licorice
Indonesia users to visit your online business page to
increase traffic and opportunity of overall sales figure.


  • Thousands of people will be guided to

  •  Business Page.visit your

  • minimum of 5,000 of our users.You will be able to advertise your business to

  •  (max. 3 questions)You can do a free market survey through our platform

  • Report of user opinion concerning your questions that can be used to advance your business.

Responsive Website

Homepage creation

Homepage/website creation service for your business
branding activities. Before being developed, our staff
will do a brief interview with client to get a brief about
what kind of website that the client would like.


  • A flexible website development according to what you wants.

  • We will direct 5000* of our platform users to access your new website

  • Price includes 1 year domain special for your business (can be renewed annually)

  • Option to include Dashboard to change contents for client is available

Creative Work


A service to create online shop on
Tokopedia/Shopee/Lazada/your e-commerce of choice and we will help your first promotion activities and increase the potential of


Registration and creation of online store
Creation of online store banner
First products stocking (up until 20 types of
5000 Licorice Indonesia users will be brought to
your online business page
You can advertise your business to minimum
5000 of our users
Survey through Licorice Indonesia regarding your
business (max. 3 questions)
Report of user opinion concerning your questions
that can be used to advance your business.

PT Solusi Kerja Nyata
Recruitment Company
(Ibu Anna M.S,Director)

The report was really good. It gives us a detailed data of our target market, which is people age 18~35 that live in Jabodetabek. On the survey report, they also give us insights from different point of view. We are planning on using this survey report to develop our service. We used their Web Traffic plan and there was indeed an increase on our homepage traffic.


PT Pangansari Utama
National Frozen Food Distributor
(Ibu Evania Taurisia, Marketing Communication)

First of all, the staff was really friendly (Mr.Arli). He explained what can their company do to resolve our company's problem. We used their Market Survey with Ads menu.
For the market survey itself, we create a question draft and they help us designing the question to be more specific and easier for the respondents to answer. The feedback we got was really good too! The data was really easy to understand, for example the question about what kind of contents does the respondents find interesting and does it makes them want to follow the account. The data and report we got will be used as reference for our internal team to expand our digital promotion activities. I recommend to ask FPID to do the report too,because it gives us insight from an objective point-of-view (not biased)

Travel Agency
(Ibu Sarah P. Giani, Ownerr)

We are thinking about expanding our tour destination at the moment. So, I decided to use Licorice to gain some input from our target market. We sent the survey to 500 respondents that has income more than Rp 5 Juta. I created the draft for the survey and FPID did the finishing. The staff was really friendly, he give me many ideas for the survey and the follow-ups was good. I also find their report to be inspiring. They give us input on what kind of approach should TLW do to reach respondents on certain age range. Overall, I recommend to use their service for doing market survey.


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