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Our Services

Through our local subsidiary with an extensive network and deep expertise in the market, we offer comprehensive support for your expansion into indonesia. Additionally, we as a local business entity hold various import and retail licenses, so you can have the freedom of controling your indonesia business expansion.

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E-Commerce Distributor Service*

You can entrust us with everything from import and export procedures, listing, sales collection, inquiry handling, to promotion, all in one place.

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Marketing Strategy Support/Local Distributor Search/Sales Support

Our local sales team will act as an extension of your company, working on tasks such as appointment acquisition, agency development, and network expansion.

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Local Promotion

We are equipped to handle not only promotions using social media and the web but also media outreach and influencer marketing.

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Market Survey/Information Gathering

In addition to quantitative surveys using a point application with a membership of one million users, we are also capable of conducting qualitative research, market analysis, and regulatory compliance investigations.

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Local Company Establishment/Licence Registration

We can propose various forms of local establishment tailored to your expansion stage, including options involving EOR (Employer of Record) services. Additionally, leave the permit and approval procedures, such as Halal certification and BPOM, to us.

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Recruitment Support

We have a deep understanding of the constantly evolving local talent market and will recruit the right talent for your specific job requirements through appropriate channels.

Please feel free to reach out to us!

We are here to answer any questions or provide information about your business activities in Indonesia!

E-commerce in Indonesia

E-Commerce Distributor Service

For Overseas companies that do not have a legal entity in Indonesia and wish to sell products, there are three main approaches: "Cross-border e-commerce," "Local e-commerce (general trade)," and "Establishing a sales network through local agents." The easiest way to start is through cross-border e-commerce. However, due to platform limitations and issues related to customs clearance and shipping costs, it has led to reluctance from local consumers and, in its current state, may not even be suitable for conducting test marketing.

Furthermore, expanding through local agents can be labor-intensive, and obtaining favorable terms often requires a visible track record. Therefore, our company recommends general trade-based e-commerce for products that are about to start local sales, allowing you to compete on an equal footing with local competitors. Our local subsidiary has the necessary functions for import, retail, and marketing, enabling us to support you from the testing phase to full-scale deployment.


We provide one-stop support for everything from exports to establishing your sales infrastructure and conducting promotions.

Market Expansion Support
Local Distributor Search
Local Sales Representative Support

We provide support for the expansion of your company's products and services into Indonesia Market. You can start your entry into the Indonesian market affordably and easily right now.

Furthermore, we offer a variety of solutions tailored to each stage of market entry. This includes sales representation during the initial stages, EOR (Employer of Record) services for establishing a simplified presence, and corporate establishment in a form that suits your business model. We provide customized proposals that align with your specific circumstances and budget.

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From strategic planning to sales activities

We can take care of everything for you.

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