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Promotion Agency


Without understanding the local culture, promotion in Indonesia will not be successful. Our local subsidiary provides one-stop support from strategy proposal to implementation.

In Indonesia, where rapid economic development is progressing and lifestyles continue to change, the media with which sei-katsu-sha interact with are also changing from moment to moment.

We propose promotion strategies that respond to these changing times and deliver information on your products and services to local consumers in the most efficient way.

We create content tailored to Indonesian culture and customs, and maximize promotional effects by combining highly effective local marketing techniques such as marketing through digital channels such as SNS, influencer marketing, OOH advertising, and holding events.


Promotion from a local perspective

One-stop implementation of promotions from a local perspective

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Promotion using "Licorice" point application

Promotions using the "Licorice" loyalty point application

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Market research/information gathering

We handle all types of research and information gathering necessary when entering a market, including quantitative research, qualitative research, B-to-B research, competitive research, market size research, and legal research.

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In order to correctly understand the local market through consumer research, it is necessary to ask the right questions to consumers. In our quantitative research, we translate and distribute the content of the client's survey after confirming that it is relevant to local conditions by native staff of our local subsidiary, thus enabling us to conduct targeted research.

We can also conduct other qualitative research, competitive research, and BtoB research to properly grasp the market from a thorough local perspective.

In addition, we can support trouble-free market entry by gathering information on regulations and laws specific to Indonesia by approaching the government and administrative agencies and utilizing our network of experts.

The Real "Now" in Indonesia

Low-cost, speedy grasp of the real "now" in Indonesia

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Incorporation Licensing Agency

Our staff, who are well versed in Indonesia's unique system, will assist you in establishing a corporation and obtaining various permits and licenses.

In rapidly developing Indonesia, laws and regulations are being updated daily in line with rapid changes in economic and social conditions. Therefore, when developing business in Indonesia, it is necessary to always comply with laws and regulations based on the latest information.

We support the establishment of corporations and the acquisition of various permits and licenses based on the latest information, drawing on the knowledge we have acquired through supporting clients in various industries and our network of experts and government and administrative officials.


Unique Indonesian System

Fully adapted to Indonesia's unique system

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We will make it possible to recruit the most suitable personnel for your business by utilizing Licorice, a point media with 1 million registered users, and social networking services.

ndonesia has a huge and youthful human resources market with a high degree of human resource mobility, making human resource strategies extremely important for companies entering the Indonesian market. In addition, because of the rapid growth of the market, wage standards and labor-related laws and regulations are constantly being updated, making it necessary to keep up to date with the latest local conditions.

Our local subsidiaries keep a constant eye on changes in the job market and propose the best HR strategy for your company. We can advise you on the selection of the most appropriate recruitment media, including our own media and SNS communities, as well as on the content and conditions of employment contracts and the suitability of individual human resources.

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Indonesia's Human Resources Market

Perfectly adapted to the Indonesian human resources market

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Sales Outsourcing


Market Survei

Company Estabishment Support

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