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Selling Your Product/Service In Indonesia : Online or Offline?

There are more than 270,000,000 people of Indonesia, and about a little above of 100,000,000 people have been using smartphone as their daily communication platform. As e-commerce and online shopping gives a big kick to Indonesia's economy growth, does it means that they ditch the traditional retail shops as their shopping preference?

According to Deloitte Consumer Insights Survey 2018 about Indonesian preference of online shopping, even though that the activity of online shopping keep rising, it doesn't mean that offline market doesn't have chance. Depending on the products/services, there are times when selling products/services online won't work very well.

There are some reasons that makes Indonesian prefer to shop offline instead of online. For example: product limitation, not be able to touch the product directly, and the biggest one is safety.

There are also things that they prefer to buy online, such as fashion items, cosmetics, and other accessories such as phone covers.

Listen to your potential customers' voice before create a business strategy for your product is the best way to achieve great sales. PT Fortuna Platina Indonesia can help you do the market survey with the easiest, most efficient and cost-friendly options. Please feel free to contact us through this website or email us : if you have any questions in regard to getting your products/services into Indonesia Markets.

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