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How does Indonesian know about a new product?

What kind of approach should a brand use to reach Indonesia Market? According to 2018 survey, Indonesian still prefer television as their most used information gathering platform. This means that by having your product advertised via television ads, you can reach your targeted market with confident. Having your product advertised via television sure is effective, but it sure does use a lot of $$$. Is there any other way to effectively reach your targeted market?

The answer is : Social Media.

There is a study that proven that most of Indonesian use social media as their most used communication platform. They said that their most used social media platform is Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

First, you can create the advertisement of your product, and then use the Facebook Ads to promote it. Don't forget to set your segmentation!

As for Instagram and Youtube, social media influencer have a really big portion on the product promotion and advertisement. Indonesian,especially those on productive age, tend to listen to their favorite influencers and buy the things they endorse.

So, next time you need to promote your products/services, please consider the things we mentioned above! We from PT Fortuna Platina Indonesia also can help you with your products/services promotion. Please feel free to contact us through this website or email us : so we can promote your products/services right away to your potential customers!

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