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E-Commerce Distributor Service*

You can entrust us with everything from import and export procedures, listing, sales collection, inquiry handling, to promotion, all in one place.

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Marketing Strategy Support/Local Distributor Search/Sales Support

Our local sales team will act as an extension of your company, working on tasks such as appointment acquisition, agency development, and network expansion.

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Local Promotion

We are equipped to handle not only promotions using social media and the web but also media outreach and influencer marketing.

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Market Survey/Information Gathering

In addition to quantitative surveys using a point application with a membership of one million users, we are also capable of conducting qualitative research, market analysis, and regulatory compliance investigations.

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Local Company Establishment/Licence Registration

We can propose various forms of local establishment tailored to your expansion stage, including options involving EOR (Employer of Record) services. Additionally, leave the permit and approval procedures, such as Halal certification and BPOM, to us.

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Recruitment Support

We have a deep understanding of the constantly evolving local talent market and will recruit the right talent for your specific job requirements through appropriate channels.

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